The easiest way to display benefits and host virtual employee events.

We help businesses more effectively show off their employee experience with virtual benefit fairs, custom notifications, and more.

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Showcase™ is a purpose-built software platform designed to solve the employee awareness problem.

Efficiently manage how you communicate your employee experience. From delivering critical content, running virtual benefit fairs and helping to track what your employees want and need from their benefits, we have you covered.

Save Precious

Easy and fast setup in less than a month, so you can direct questions to your company profile. Plus, add vendors to set up their own profiles, taking the work off your plate.

Increase Engagement
and Education

Lift employee happiness by sharing the benefits they want and how to enroll, so your organization can get more from your teams and benefits investments.

Always On, Remote or
On Site

Communicate benefits to new hires and existing employees, whether they're remote or on premises. The always-on platform is perfect for onboarding and yearly seminars alike.

“The Showcase™ team was extremely helpful every step of the way. They are always very responsive and available, and the website was so easy to use. On the day of our Virtual Fair, everything went very smoothly and the employees loved having all the information right at their fingertips, as well as the opportunity to speak to actual representatives of our benefit vendors. It was great to have everything all in one place and options to have their questions answered by experts. We will definitely continue to use our Showcase as a resource for our employees year-round.”

Katie Kuhl, Human Resources Manager

Showcase™ powers organizations of
all sizes and types.

Benefits are the lifeblood of employee satisfaction. Schedule a free call to find out how we can help you turbocharge them.

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